2200 bright drones in the sky of St. Petersburg!

A unique colorful drone show “Peaceful Sky: Drone Record Show” took place in St. Petersburg.

During the light show, 2,198 drones took to the skies. The size of the figures in the air reached 600 meters. A new record has been officially set – the most massive synchronous flight of drones, it will be included in the Russian Book of Records.

The event was organized by our long-term partners – Geoscan, with the support of the Executive Directorate of the Year of Memory and Glory. The drones are designed and manufactured in St. Petersburg at Geoscan’s own production facility.

The Geoscan drone show is the future of large-scale light performances, which is already available today, expanding the boundaries of the familiar and immersing you in an amazing world that you want to touch.


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