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Whether we are flying to your home state, or driving to you, our Aerial Video team is always flying our drones for you! We provide aerial (UAV, Drone) video production for businesses and agencies across the United States. We do everything from aerial videography and real estate photography, to industrial plant footage and capturing the heart of your city.

We have the tools and flight experience to handle your project, and all in 4K(Ultra High Definition). So whether you simply want beauty shots of your property or you need to submit a flight plan and survey a tricky property, we specialize in providing excellent drone video work, all while staying within the legal guidelines. Our drone operator is a Certified Remote Pilot by the FAA, Part 107, and we are ready to capture your business goals from the sky!

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Creativity is at the heart of every dream. Every idea, every groundbreaking leap that changes our world starts with the vision of talented creators.
Since 2013 we give our cutomers the professional experience and use superior tools they need to bring their ideas to life.

St. Petersburg showreel

Our latest show reel, consolidating our last 18 months worth of work into 2 minutes. Sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy!

All walks of life

We see video in all walks of life from entertainment to education and more. Our equipment is the state-of-art.


We do full turnkey packages based on discussing the specifics our customers are looking for.


Our inspection drones can even live broadcast the drone imagery directly to your corporate office.


Behind more than 7 years of professional filming. Experience allows you to realize any tasks and ideas.

Aerial filming

Our pro drone fleet is capable of capturing premium video up to 5.2K RAW and is the perfect tool for filming on big production film sets. We are union member in ICG 669 and have worked on a variety of productions from Hallmark, Netflix and independent films to Big Screen productions like Granit in 2022. With the ability to provide live video feed in real time, clients are able to actively participate and become part of the team. With clients Bali wide and internationally, we’re able to bring our UAVs to your locations and satisfy the requirements of any high end professional film production.

Aerial photography

With our feelt of drones and the ability to capture 21 MP RAW photos, our professional aerial photography services can augment any project. We have a variety of interchangeable lenses from wide angle 16mm to telephoto 90mm to capture any perspective weather is be 360 panoamics or isolated subject matter such as solitary buildings in frame. Our professional drone services range from providing independant film work on documentaries and TV series to marketing perspectives on high rise condo balcony views. Our professional drones can add a new perspective to your marketing materials and are only limited by your creativity.

Inspection services

Our services can eliminate human risk of ascending hazardous structures, and enable access to previously inaccessible areas for aerial inspection. We specialize in detailed industrial park images, construction site, promotional video work for Suburb development. Great for realtors, resorts, property investors, golf courses, casinos, accident investigators and more. Our aerial inspections can access structures safely, quickly and without disrupting operations. State of the art GPS technology means the same image can be repeated for seasonal or annual monitoring. Precise measurements to 0.3 m for altitude.

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